Stylists FAQs

How do I approve an order?

When you receive an order you will be alerted by message and email. To approve, open the Barnetcut Stylists App and tap the word ‘approve’ below the appointment details.

How long do I have to approve an order?

For ASAP or Now orders we ask that you approve the order within 15 minutes or a member of our team will reach out to you. Approving an order simply lets us know that you’re aware of it and start your move you will appear on the map with your location.

Can I reject an order?

You can reject an order before you accept it but if you scheduled an order on the timetable services DO NOT have the ability to reject it if you are on the schedule. If you cannot service the order please let your customer know straightaway.

How can I contact the client directly?

You can view customer information by clicking or tapping on the appointment in your Barnetcut Stylists App and message them directly through the App messages. You should always reach out to the customer directly if you are running late or can’t get into their address. Sending status updates by text will only work in your favour.

How do I edit my availability?

How to find my work history?

Barnetcut Stylist App is assembled only for you as a stylist! By tapping your profile picture on the top left corner of the app you will be able to view your profile, order history, payments and analytics!

How does the rating system work?

All stylists will start with a 5 stars rating. The average is weighted. If you fall below a 4 stars rating, you will be subject to profile review and could end up working within Barnetcut services, our company want ensure that we provide a great service to our customers. All bad reviews can be challenged with good reason by emailing our customer service.

Our cancellation policy?

Your acceptance of an order means you promised the customer who is relying on you to visit at the scheduled time or ASAP option in a mannered time. When a service is cancelled by customers, a 50% cancellation fee is charged. The stylist will receive 80% commission of the cancellation fee.